Who We Are

Renewable Energy and Power, Inc. (OTC: RBNW) is dedicated to a cleaner, greener planet. We provide the best alternatives to traditional and fossil fuel power through our commitment to solar power and LED lighting. We strive to reduce our collective carbon footprint so your environment is safe, renewable and cost efficient.

We are in the business of generating and cultivating emerging technology in renewable energy, and producing effective and reliable energy and power solutions to consumers and corporations worldwide.

What We Do

Renewable Energy and Power, Inc. provides Green Energy that is competitive with fossil fuels by employing proprietary new technologies with existing solar and wind power electric generation and LED lighting.

There are two primary groups under our RBNW family; LEDLights USA and Sol-HY, a solar hybrid energy group.

LEDLights USA and Sol-HY market and sell globally to consumers and businesses seeking to adapt and change to renewable and sustainable sources of power.

500 Thousands


44,000 MW

generated monthly

Publicly Traded


Why We Do It

Generating electricity from clean and renewable sources is good not only for the health of our planet, it’s good for the health of our economy. Alternative energy from solar, wind, and LED sources saves money, promotes technology, and encourages investment in our environment. Every small action today, whether in your home, local business, or international corporation, reduces emissions, dependence on fossil fuels, and creates a marketplace of ideas and innovation.

Invest In The Future

Trading under the stock symbol RBNW (OTC: RBNW) we encourage everyone to join us in making our world a cleaner and more efficient place for today, and tomorrow.